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Anyone an expert on Prime Rib

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I am a pretty good cook, but not with beef roasts.  I cam make a great beef stew or pot roast - but give me a regular oven roast - and I get dry leathery meat.

My DH always comments when people walk out of the butcher with the lovely standing rib roasts ( prime rib roasts ). Of course there are 7,000 methods of cooking said roast.

What has worked for you ? Thanks

I am no expert, but for some few years, I made standing rib roasts using a recipe that started at high heat for 20 minutes then reduced temp to finish.  And every one was good - not necessarily amazing, but very good.  Then, I used a recipe pretty much as per the below link (the link is better written) - and would only cook it ths way now - this is the way to "amazing prime rib" and it is the reverse of what I had been doing, but it is well worth a try.

Interesting recipe above, Buvezdevin.    I do prime rib every Christmas.  I shopped around and found the best deal for standing rib roast at Costco of all places.  It still isn't cheap, but it is a dang fine cut of meat.

I slow cook it too, but not at that low of a temp.  Here is a recipe I use:

It is kind of a pain to do the garlic slit thing, so last year, I cheated and got one already seasoned and stuffed from Costco... for the same price as the non-seasoned roast.  It was TDF!

POF, the key is not to overcook a prime rib and to use a meat probe or thermometer.  If your oven has a built in probe linked to your oven temp and timer, that is the best, otherwise, invest in a good thermometer, preferably digital and leave it in while it cooks.  I cook my prime rib to 120 and let it stand for 30- 45 minutes. 

I'm not an expert but Alton is:

Here's how to work a prime rib from start to finish.

I follow Queen Delia (Smith) . High heat for twenty minutes, then a super low heat. Oh, and get a meat thermometer.


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