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What do you use your stand mixer for?

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Green Bean:
After many, many years I finally decided to bite the bullet and order my first Kitchenaid stand mixer. It hasn't yet arrived and I'm starting to have some buyer's remorse. I realized I don't know what to use it for besides birthday cakes and Christmas cookies.

So please give me suggestions so this big appliance doesn't just collect dust.

I use mine to:

Mix and knead bread dough (if I'm feeling too lazy to do it by hand)
Make spreadable butter (whip regular butter and mix with water and oil to make it into a spread)
Make cake, cookies, frosting, meringues, etc
Make mashed potatoes
Shred cooked chicken

I don't use mine all the time, but I definitely consider it worthwhile because when I *do* use it, I enjoy it and it makes my life easier.

I have had mine for just under two years, though I had a Sunbeam stand mixer for years.  I will note that I have found some of my baking recipes seem to perform better with the KA's extra power and more diverse speeds for creaming, blending, whipping, and especially kneading.

What I *really* love it for is pureeing and grinding, with attachments.  Homemade sausage and ground beef, and processing fruit and tomatoes - it is really great for those things which I would not have tried without it.

Also, creaming butter with some olive oil is great for making spreadable butter which keeps well in the fridge, but didn't work well with my prior mixer.

And it's pretty - not a big reason for having one but a reason to enjoy it more if you do.

There is a book named the "Mixer Bible" which I bought not long ago which has some great ideas, you may want to check into it on Amazon, where I think you'll be able to browse some of its contents.  Mentioning this because I don't yet have loads of experience using mine, but having one has me looking for and trying recipes I would not have otherwise tried.

I have a serious aversion to getting hamburger meat under my nails so anything that involves mixing ground beef I use the KA.  I use it for meatloaf, my special hamburgers and meatballs.  My kids would rather have my burgers than anybody else's!

Outdoor Girl:
I use mine quite often - it sits on my counter, mainly because it is too dang heavy to lift up and down from a storage spot.

I use it to make pastry, cookies, cakes, quick breads, yeast breads, decorating icing, whipped cream if I'm making a lot.  Pretty much any baking I do, is done in the KA.

I don't have any attachments yet but I've been thinking about getting some sort of grinder attachment and maybe some sort of shredding attachment.  That way, I could get rid of my food processor and free up some cupboard space.


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