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Some ideas for XMAS dinner

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Usually we have a large group for XMAs - but this year, just the 4 of us and my MIL. I usually go all out with an italian spread - but now I think maybe I should do something different.

I could do turkey or ham, but with 5 of us ... maybe stuffed shrimp or pork roast or .... geez I don't know.  I am a good cook - I've never tackled a prime rib and we will eat anything :)

Hit me with some ideas ! Thanks

I do this for christmas every year:

It's great with a small group of people and is very easy to make. okay you have to have some specialized equipment but I use it enough times that it is worth it.

rose red:
How about duck?  (Because I was just thinking about the move A Christmas Story before I saw this thread  ;D)

This year it is just BF and I, but we have been considering inviting a (female) former co-worker of his who may be all alone on the holiday. So, for 3 persons (could be stretched to 4-5):
 Beer-boiled shrimp cocktail
 Ham with cranberry-orange glaze
 Potato casserole ( made with sour cream, cream cheese, and white pepper)
 Boneless rolled turkey breast
 Spinach-ricotta-mushroom stuffing
 Marinated asparagus
 Dessert = some kind of cake or cupcake with a candle for my birthday surprise

If it`s just the two of us, we will skip the turkey breast & stuffing.

We made a christmas goose one year when we had a small group because we had never had one.  It was good but would not be appreciated by a large part of our normal holiday gathering.

Prime rib and Yorkshire puddings is fun and really not that nuch trouble.

If your family likes pork, this is outstanding. I get raves every time I serve it.


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