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Some ideas for XMAS dinner

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Agreeing that goose, or prime rib are lovely, often served for holiday meals and can be done for a small group without massive leftovers.

I am wondering if you want to do a big sit down meal, or might want to try an array of more substantial apps over a time then serve a special but not "big" meal?  If you like going "all out" but in a different way than a big meal spread, that could let you still prepare a variety of festive foods.  Or, would you  enjoy scaling back your usual efforts, and wanting thought on how to do a meal for a smaller group but keeping the festive celebratory spirit?

I vote for a pork roast. Rub lots of spices all over it and slow roast it...yummmm. Serve with roasted potatoes and bacon-wrapped asparagus.

If you don't mind going all out, how about Lobster Thermidor? The recipe ( ) by Julia Child, published in Mastering the Art of French Cooking, is fantastic. If this is too much work, how about boiled lobsters or crabs with a couple of side sauces?

If you are a member of Costco, they have FABULOUS prime rib at Xmas.  Very affordable *for prime rib* and very good quality meat.  They have a plain roast or a fully seasoned with garlic.  Had both.  The latter is amazing.  Be there early on the 23rd to get the best one.  The 24th is leaving it too late.

Leg of Lamb -

I make my garlic-rosemary paste with butter instead of olive oil but either way, it's super easy to make.


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