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Hello, my good eHellions!

I'd like some of your suggestions for cookies that are fun to decorate with frosting, icing, candies, sprinkles, etc. I am having a cookie-decorating party this upcoming weekend. I plan to have sugar cookies and pepparkaka. I'd like to round it out with one more. I just don't know what flavor to do. I want this to be a rolled cookie so I can cut them into relevant shapes, and I'd like it to be Christmasy.

Any ideas? What cookies (other than sugar and gingerbread) did you used to frost and decorate around the holidays?

Green Bean:
I'm not aware of any, but you could vary your sugar cookie recipe with different extracts for a little flavor variety. For example, the sugar cookie recipe I've made since I was old enough to roll out dough calls for vanilla and almond extract. You could make a separate batch using lemon concentrate and some grated lemon, lime, or orange zest and then make a lemon or lime flavored royal icing to decorate.

The sugar cookie recipe I make calls for powdered sugar instead of granulated. If you google Betty Crocker Sugar Cookie Recipes, the first one that pops up looks like mine.

This is my MIL's Rolled butter cookie recipe:

1 lb (4 sticks) butter or margarine, softened
5 c. flour (scant)
2 c. powdered sugar (plus more to roll it out on)
2 Tbsp milk
2 Tbsp vanilla

Oven at 325

Grease (or parchment paper) cookie sheet
Mix ingredients.  Roll out THICK using powdered sugar (NOT FLOUR) on the rolling pin and surface.
Cut into desired shapes w/ cookie cutters.
Bake 20 minutes--DO NOT BROWN.

I do an outline of royal icing on them--that's optional.
But what's a must is to glaze  or frost them.  we usually just glaze-- powdered sugar + water (or milk) + vanilla + food coloring = glaze--I don't really have a recipe, just until it looks right  (and sprinkles on top)

Here's a picture, if it helps

(this is how you do the outline and flood:
except I like the plain sugar glaze we use better than the 'real' kind
And you can add cocoa powder to the glaze to make brown chocolate ones :)

Classic gingerbread men !!!! I hae a recipe at home I will type in later if you like.

Martha Stewart has recipes for chocolate and citrus dough for cutout cookies. I've never done the citrus, but the chocolate is pretty good.


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