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Curiouser and curiouser!

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This isn't really something for the questions thread just cause this doesn't really have an answer, or at least not an immediate one. 

My bff was sharing some old pictures with me last night via email that she had scanned onto her laptop, including pictures of her parents when they were young, like of her mother on her wedding day and when she was in college.   

And her mother as a young woman bears a very striking resemblance to my grandmother, as in they could easily be sisters.  (My friend's 20some years older than me so her mother would have been around the same age as my grandmother) Very similar eyes and smile, as well as face shape.   That and from comparing notes on her mother and my grandmother, personality wise they were a lot alike. 

Yet, as far as we know, friend and I do not have any shared relatives, and didn't even know each other till about 5 or 6 years ago.  So either her mother and my grandmother just have one of those faces that are common, or somewhere back in both of our family trees there's a link! LOL! 

I have a good friend that I sometimes call "The brother I don't have."  People often ask if we are brother and sister.  He looks so much like my dad's son that it is uncanny.  Even down the shirts they prefer (T-shirts with a pocket).  We even sat down and figured out where my dad and his mom were 9 months before he was born, but they were 1000 miles away. 

That is wild!  It does kinda make you wonder where the genetic link is, doesn't it?

Tea Drinker:
One of my friends looks enough like me that random strangers assume that we're sisters. Note: assume, not ask. It's not "oh, is this your sister?" it's a hotel clerk telling me "your sister just checked out."

It is possible that we're something like third cousins (based on her grandfather having been a Polish refugee, and my great-grandmother having been born there), but we'll never know: she knows the name her grandfather took when he fled Germany and joined the RAF, but obviously that won't be on any family tree records my grandparents made. However, this is part of why her son is my nephew-by-choice.

I had a situation that made me wonder... In 2004, my oldest daughter became friends with a little girl, and I got to know the little girl's mom, "Jennifer". The kid shared a resemblance with my second daughter, which is to say, with a great deal of my ex's relatives. That could have been nothing but a coincidence but for the following:

- Jennifer had been born in Large City In Nearby State and given up for adoption. My ex's family had lived in the same city right around the time she was born;

- Ex's dad was not a faithful husband (he dumped his wife and kids and ran away with another woman.)

So somewhere in the corner of my mind, I couldn't help but wonder if Jennifer was not my ex's half sister.


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