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Curiouser and curiouser!

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I just finished reading a book called Identical Strangers about identical twins who were given up for adoption and ended up being separated. Neither one knew she had a twin until they were in their 30s. They met each other and the book talks a lot about how many mannerisms and interests seem to be genetic not environmental.

My son looks very much like his dads best friend... We haven't gotten any remarks to our faces, but DH got a couple of worried facebook messages! I hadn't even met BF when I got pregnant with DH, so I'm unsure how we could have been having a torrid affair. ;)

A friend of mine has a theory that children tend to look like their fathers when they're first born because it eliminates a need for paternity tests. 

Course if a woman had an affair with her husband's identical twin brother, that wouldn't necessarily raise suspicion.  >:D

Anytime I post a picture of the piratebabe on fbook (which isn't too often, I'm not one of those mothers) I get several comments from my side of the family saying "Wow he looks just like DH'sname!" followed by one comment from my bff saying "I think he looks just like Pirate!" (she has seen pictures of both DH and I as little ones) and one "He looks like a blend of his brothers!"

The last one I agree with.  He looks like my eldest from the nose up with big wide set blue eyes, and like my older one from the nose down, complete with dimples.

They've done studies and when a certain person is labeled as the babies father, people say "oh, yes, spitting image.  When, really they are total strangers and "father" and baby look nothing alike.

One freaky stat. is that there have been many DNA-test based paternity studies, and regardless of income, class or race, 12% of the time, the man that thinks he is the father is wrong.  It isn't always precisely 12% but centered right around that number. 


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