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Curiouser and curiouser!

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I do kinda wonder as friend's biological grandmother ran off when her mother was 2 and they know very little about her past other than she was adopted, had been married before and left her husband and other children before marrying and having friend's mother so who knows...

In my case, I know a genetic connection would have to go really really far back.  We did spend lots and lots of time comparing notes.  But both our people were farmers who did not travel.  If there is a genetic link, it would be likely my ancestor going viking in Ireland. 

rose red:
My grandfather was adopted.  In those days, people have many children so he may have brothers or sisters.  More than once, I'll see some guy on the street who'll look freakishly like my brother and I'll wonder if we are related.

One of my uncle (by marriage) is also adopted and one time at a restaurant, I swear I saw his twin in looks, facial expressions, and mannerisms.  My whole family saw him and were amazed.  Hope the poor guy didn't see us gawking  :P.

It is amazing how much is genetic.  I used to have a friend who was adopted at birth, and when 19 or 20 years-old she met her parents.  They weren't still together, but they both lived in the same small town.  There is this photo of my friend standing at a jukebox next to her dad on the day they met.  They are studying the selection.  It is amazing!  They are standing exactly the same way. 

In high school my boyfriend's father had been a philander.  At the family gathering the evening that he died, the main topic of conversation was trying to figure out how many kids he'd had.  Almost all of the legitimate kids had been approached by someone claiming to be a half-sibling.  Then several months later we were watching America's Most Wanted with my dad.  There was someone a little older than BF, with the same last name, and it was truly spooky how much they were alike.  Not just the photos, but they had video so you could see they moved alike.  My dad thought it was both funny and not amusing.

My DH's bio dad left him and MIL when DH was 7 months old and had two more sons by a different woman.  Some time after his bio father died, this woman sent MIL a letter for DH which she passed on to him since he was an adult and she felt he had the right to do with the letter whatever he wanted.  As this was when he and I were dating I got to see the letter and the pictures of DH's half brothers.

Those are some very strong, strong genes!  DH looks just like his father and these two boys look just like DH did when he was a preteen and aside from having hazel eyes and freckles, the middle child is a spitting image of DH.


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