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I really despise people who feel the need to comment on food others are consuming, and love the tip on how to handle them! I need more ideas!

Good for you! People commenting on what or how much I eat is not only annoying for me, but can trigger eating disordered thoughts and behavior. It's rude, unnecessary, AND can be harmful.

Biker Granny:
If I would have known turning 50 would have found my spine, I would have turned 50 a long time ago!
This actually was a breakthrough for me.  I was a timid thing and pretty much let people walk all over me. 

I did feel sorry for my mom a bit tho.  I'm sure she heard about it all the way home.

Good for you!

Silence only works if, well, if it works. I mean, if the "complete silence" response actually changes the offender's future behavior. If everyone is responding with complete silence and the offender keeps on offending, then s/he is interpreting the silence as acceptance or agreement or acquiescence. And at that point, the offended does need to speak up and point out that the behavior is not acceptable.

I hope you will report back after Christmas to let us know if he took your words to heart. Keep in mind that he might need a few more nudges before it sinks in.

Yay for you!  I've had to deal with various renditions of "Are you sure you should be eating that" my entire life.

I've started using "My food choices are not up for discussion".


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