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I went to the store the other day and bought A LOT of chocolate chips.  Milk and dark chocolate.  I guess the grocery bag was too near the heater in my van and the chips melted.  Whoops!  There go the chocolate chip cookies.  Now I have a few huge bags (think Costco size) of melted and re-hardened chocolate chips.  I need a few recipes, please, to use them all.

I did get more chocolate chips and the CC cookies have been made.  Virtually sending cookies to all who read this!   ;D

Outdoor Girl:
I would do an experiment and melt some, drizzling on a toasted english muffin, just to make sure they are still OK.   ;)

If they are, in fact, OK, start looking for cookie recipes that call for them to be dipped in melted chocolate.  Peanut butter balls and filbert (hazelnut) fingers from the Company's Coming cookie book come to mind right off the top of my head.

You could also do a chocolate fondue - mixing the milk and dark chocolate or having them individually.

Add drizzled chocolate to any cookies you bake.  It would be good on shortbread and my gingerbread recipe calls for some cocoa so I don't see why you couldn't drizzle those, too.  Chocolate drizzled on top of rice crispie squares is good, too.  Make a banana loaf and drizzle some chocolate on top.

Break the pieces up with a hammer and make chocolate chunk cookies instead of chocolate chip cookies.

Make some 'bark' - melted chocolate and other ingredients with almonds or other nuts.

ETA:  Sorry - got a little carried away there.  Just picture me as Homer with my tongue hanging out and drooling.  Hmmmm... chocolate.

You can break it into chunks and freeze what you don't want to use right away. Outdoor Girl has some great suggestions. I would also add truffles, a large batch of hot cocoa, French silk pie. Use a vegetable peeler to make decorative chocolate curls.

You could make some stocking stuffer type treats:

Chocolate dipped marshmallows
Chocolate dipped candy canes
Chocolate dipped spoons (for stirring up a cup of cocoa or coffee)

Use them to make these English toffee cookies such as these:
They're delicious and very easy to make!

one of my favorite cookies uses melted chocolate.
Make a basic meringue. Pipe out two shapes of cookies - short wide disks (use a wet finger to smooth out the top) and tall-ish thin rods (also flatten the tops of these).  Bake.  Then paint (or pour or dip) the bottom of the disk in chocolate and place upside down (aka chocolate side up).  While the chocolate is still melted stick a skinny meringue in the middle.  Let cool. Flip over and enjoy delicious, low-fat cookies that picky eaters and small children will pass over because they think they are mushrooms!


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