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Would you wrap somebodys present to a 3rd party?

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I have already been given my Christmas Gift from one grandmother a few weeks ago. We are not very close and she is very passive agressive. She literally just gave me a carrier bag with my gift and my half-sisters gift in (sister not directly related to grandmother) stating that i might as well have these now as she never knows when she's going to see me. I am supposed to pass my sisters present on to her.

The presents weren't wrapped. I don't care about mine, it's some ugly trousers, but my sister has been given a Christmas Charm Bracelet, Just giving it to her loose or in the carrier bag seems very tacky. What i would like to do is wrap it up (different wrapping paper from my presents) fake a gift tag from Grandmother and give it to her to put under the tree.

Would faking the wrapping/etc be even more tacky or would you find it OK?

I wouldn't worry about it.  The carrier bag was good enough for you, it'll be good enough for your sis :)

I wouldn't create an elaborate package, but if you have a spare gift bag floating around, it wouldn't hurt to put the carrier bag in the gift bag.  Presumably, your half-sister knows your grandmother well enough not to expect anything fancier.

Since you want to wrap it I think that's okay, unless you think it would upset your Gran. Maybe just put the "to" and tell her "Gran asked me to give this to you" instead of filling in the "from".

My mom mailed gifts to my DH and kids that were unwrapped and I wrapped them for her. She didn't ask me to, I just thought it would be more fun than putting UPS boxes under the tree.  :)

I think if you would enjoy wrapping it, go ahead and do so. But if you would feel resentful about it, like you're doing Gran's "job" for her, just leave it as-is.


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