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Trivia Night at My Place

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If it is post dinner time, I'd want lighter items.

Feta cheese drizzled with honey and black pepper and some crackers.
Mixed nuts
Spicey crackers like these can also be made with oyster crackers
Cookies or brownies
Maybe a plate of sliced Italian meets and cheeses
Marinated olives


cupcakes, cashews, fruit platter, cheese and crackers.
I've played pub trivia at meal times, then it's usually burgers and fries.


--- Quote from: Flora Louise on December 11, 2012, 04:50:59 PM ---
--- Quote from: onyonryngs on December 11, 2012, 04:33:25 PM ---Crackers with different cheeses.  Hummus with warm pita triangles.  Some mini cupcakes or something for the sweet.

--- End quote ---

Actually, onion rings are sounding mysteriously good. (Horseradish sauce?)

--- End quote ---

I'm addicted to the sauce at Burger Kind.  So bad for you, but so good with onion rings.

I saw an appetizer of egg salad on little pieces of rye bread that looked good to me.  People might actually like deviled eggs, too.

If it were very cold you might think about serving some cups of soup.

These are good & they're a bit more festive than regular nuts.


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