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Holiday open house menu ideas...

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Hi all - anyone throwing and open house or have great ideas for one?  We have 50 people coming in between 4 and midnight, ages 2 weeks to 80 years.  I was trying to convince my husband to let me have the thing catered but I've lost that battle.  Here are my ideas so far:

- Cold poached salmon
- Brescola, salami, prosciutto
- Assorted cheeses
- Crackers, baguette
- Grapes, berries, dried fruit
- Hummus with mini pita
- Veggie tray and sour cream dip
- Glazed ham
- Roast beef
- Penne in marinara sauce
- Roast potatoes
- Green beans in lemon butter
- Roast butternut squash
- Rolls
- Assorted mustard, horseradish, spreads
- Cookies
- Cheesecake bars
- Fruitcake
- Assorted chocolates

Any ideas?  Feedback?  I'm not enamored with it but lots of people make menus difficult.  I was thinking of adding crackpot mushrooms :-)

Anyone else hosting a open house or other party?  What sort of parties is everyone holding this year?

I think your menu sounds great.  Options for people who just want a snack, but someone could get a full meal if that is what they were expecting.  And all items that will hold up well sitting out.

It sounds perfect to me!

Looks fab.  What are crackpot mushrooms?  I make a version and wondering if it is the same.

Crackpot mushrooms are from a post on the blog the other day - looks like slow cooked mushrooms in a crock pot.


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