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Handicapped Stall:One Handicap trumps another?

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A question for a friend of mine.
 Nina goes to college with me, she is on crutches and is in a thigh to ankle cast, her knee will.not.bend  because of this, she needs a larger stall and hand bars to help her get up off the toilet. Today she was in line for the handicapped stall when a girl a wheelchair came in and got in line next to her. Not behind her, next to her. When the occupant came out the girl in the wheelchair tried to go in first. Nina protested and the girl said to her " That stall is for people like me, either use another one or wait til I come out!" Nina had none of this and scooted in before this girl, as she had already waited her turn when the original occupant had been in there.
  The girl in the wheelchair was upset that Nina was "so rude and so obnoxious as to go ahead of someone in a wheelchair, don't you know that we go first?!"

Nina was quite upset, but did not think she had done anything wrong. 
What do you all think, does being in a wheelchair trump all other handicaps when it comes to that stall?

Nina did nothing wrong.  Wheelchair lady was SS and abyssmally rude.   

Sounds like your friend did fine. No one handicap does not trumph another.

Your friend was right. Wheelchair does not trump crutches (or the other way around, either). She was next in line.

So in that girl's world, if two wheelchair users roll up to the same stall, do they have to compare handicaps to determine who goes first, or do they duel Highlander style since apparently there can "only be one" disabled person per bathroom?


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