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Backrest, not footrest

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--- Quote from: WillyNilly on December 12, 2012, 11:25:18 AM ---For the last 30 years I've seen people putting their feet up on the backs of the seats in front of them at the movie theater.  I have never seen a theater employee or a PSA on screen asking people not too.  I actually think it was quite considerate they took their shoes off and limited themselves to seats without people in them.

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Yep. It is exceedingly common to put feet up on unoccupied seat tops in stadium or inclined seating, in my experience.

I do it all the time (shoes on usually). The seat backs are not going to be harmed and if it's not bothering anybody....

Of course it applies only to casual environments, like sports arenas and movie theaters. At the ballet or the opera, it would be inappropriate.

rose red:
Back when I was young and went to actual movie theaters, it was common to put your feet up.  Not if someone is sitting in the seat though.  From this topic, I thought this was no longer the case, but I guess it is still common from the other posts.

I don't know if you can say anything unless their feet were on your seat or the smell is directly bothering you.

You say nothing unless someone is actively putting their feet on the back of your seat.

I agree with all of the above - from the "it's not your business to say anything" to "it's not that unusual/uncommon for someone to put their feet up like that."


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