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To Pollyanna or not to Pollyanna?

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For the last few years,  my daughter, my Sister In Law's 2 kids and my other SIL's 3 kids have done a pollyanna for the cousins only.

I've always been the one to initate it via Facebook or E-mail.  I am not sure how the idea got started initially but I believe it was due to the fact that we didn't want to have to be in a position to gife everybody at Christmas.

At this point, I am almost 100% leaning towards not saying anything or suggesting it or volunteering to coordinate it.  However, what if we are faced with un-expected gifts at Christmas (which we spend at my MIL's and all parties will be attending).

It has really always been a ok here is SPECIFICALLY what so and so wants and makes it kind of stressful, and tbh, my SIL1's kids are never grateful and it's more of a headache. 

What do you think about just kind of "forgetting" about it this year? There is no reason why one of the other moms couldn't have arranged it, but neither of them are very organized.

What is a Pollyanna?

What is a pollyanna? Like drawing names?

You don't have to organize it if you don't want to. And you're free to tell anyone you don't want to participate in one that is organized.

However, I don't think it's a bad thing to lay out expectations for Christmas if your family usually does gifts. My cousin and I used to exchange gifts every Christmas until we had kids. Then she called me one day and asked "How about if we only do gifts for the kids now?"

Easy, straightforward.

Yes, the "kids" draw names and get (ok the parents get) a present for the person they chose.

I'm afraid if I even bring it up I'll be obligated.


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