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SO Santa traditions: What is your most memorable Santa story?

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Jocelyn, that is such a charming story.  I hope you have the opportunity to write some of your favorites down so you can pass on to future generations of your family.

My sister is the family historian. I'll have to ask her about how she's covered the Santa years.
Somewhere, I have pics of my parents in costume, handing out the final exam in my research class...


--- Quote from: mmswm on December 12, 2012, 08:28:18 PM ---This is my dad:

One year, when I was 15 and my youngest sister was 2, my father had to be out of town for most of December.  He was planning on getting back into town in the wee hours of Christmas day.  My sister was getting upset because Daddy wasn't home and was worried that he wouldn't make it back in time.  My other sisters and I (19 and 12) convinced the little one that Daddy was really Santa Claus and the reason why he wasn't there was because he was busy at the North Pole getting everything ready for the rest of the kids, but he would be home when she woke up on Christmas morning.

Yeah, we were kind of mean, but with a dad that looks like that, can you blame us????   >:D

--- End quote ---

My father played Santa today for a group that serves low income kids.  He got the list of kids beforehand and created a "naughty or nice" list on his iPhone with all their names, and before he gave them their gifts, he checked the list.  Of course they were all on the nice list.


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