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Correcting A Coworker

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I would contact her supervisor.

To: Cow-irker
cc: Supervisor


On 12.12.12 I called you with the following error message I encountered using the database system.  The steps you told me to use when resolving were:
1) Wiggle it
2) Jiggle it

I tried the solutions you suggested but it did not fix the problem. I consulted with other coworkers and determined that the following method can be used to fix the error.

1) Paint it blue
2) Let it dry

I have heard that this method has been used with some success with others who have encountered the same issue.  I feel that this is a best practice that can be incorporated in the Database troubleshooting.  What is the process for updating the procedure manual?


Honestly unless it's a repeat pattern I'd blow it off. Her highness will irritate the wrong person one day.

I'm with NottheNarcissist. Unless this has happened before, I wouldn't mention it to the supervisor. I don't think she was hostile, and it is very fairly likely that she has to follow some sort of guidelines when giving her feedback. She may have to go through a set procedure. (I know a few people in Tech Support, and they all have to follow a script that includes asking the dumb questions about checking that the power is turned on. Their phone conversations and email exchanges are recorded and monitored, and if they don't follow procedure, they can get in trouble.) I don't think she was necessarily right or wrong in how she handled it, but it may not be in her power to make the change.

If you do decide to make the suggestion, I think you should start with her. "No, I don't have a problem with how you served me. I just wanted to let you know what worked for me in case it happens to anyone else." I did that once and it turns out that letting them know was very helpful to many users.


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