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Family Party. Please bring mac and cheese

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for me mac & cheese is white sauce with cheese melted in + pasta

the below is a delia smith recipe (well known uk cook )
and is very close to what i use, although i make white sauce by eye now and add more or less cheese depending on if it's strong or mild cheddar

8oz Macaroni,
pinch of salt,

For the cheese sauce,
2oz butter/margarine,
1 1/2oz flour,
1 pint milk,
salt and pepper,
6oz chedder cheese,

Put macaroni in pan of salted boiling water. Simmer 10-15 mins. Drain
Put butter, flour and milk in pan. Bring to boil stirring constantly. Simmer 2-3 mins
Remove from heat and season with salt and pepper
Add cooked macaroni and 5oz of the cheese to the sauce and mix well
Pour into casserole dish
Sprinkle with rest of cheese
Put in over 180C until golden and bubbly


--- Quote from: NyaChan on January 09, 2013, 12:33:41 AM ---
Cousin was put in charge of making boxed mac n cheese for dinner.  She boils the water, she puts in the pasta, and waits.  And waits.  And waits.  Finally her mom walks into the kitchen asking whether it is done only to find that the pasta has been boiled past its prime  :P  When asked why she didn't take it out of the water, Cousin replied, "But it hadn't turned yellow yet!"

--- End quote ---

Sounds as if she was confusing mac n cheeze with Gravy Train.


I have lots of cookbooks, especially old ones, that skip important specifications, and I don't just mean "in a hot oven" things.  ("What else? A cold oven? I thought we called that a refrigerator.") It's funny how writing a cookbook is so much like writing a technical manual.


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