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Family Party. Please bring mac and cheese

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--- Quote from: Paper Roses on December 13, 2012, 04:54:33 AM ---I don't think your SIL was right, but I would call her more clueless than blatantly rude.  She may have thought the mac and cheese would be best if it was served almost as soon as it was made, rather than waiting.  Sure it can just be reheated, but she may have just figured it could be prepared while everyone was settling in and the other dishes were being set up and what not, since it only takes 10 minutes to make.  Of course, if that was the case she should have brought along the milk and butter too, but oh well.

I just think she was more confused than rude.

--- End quote ---
yes but she should have asked first if that was ok (it may be an "instant" kind of dish but it still needs to be mixed etc and not every host wants that kind of last minute prepartion at their house). also, according to the OP - the SIL "showed up with her family at the appointed luncheon time" so even if your theory was correct, she should have come a bit earlier.

She either thought it was a pretty funny trick to play on your mother or it was some kind of obvioius P/A move. It sounds to me like she wanted to bring a green salad, so that's what she brought. The mac & cheese box was just to make a point. Hey, you wanted mac & cheese, here it is. I wanted to bring salad so that's what I really brought.

How far of a drive was it from sil's to your mom's?  Making mac and cheese from the box doesn't take that long. I would prefer it hot, rather than have to reheat it via the microwave.

I only make it from the box.  I am a terrible cook.  I made my mac and cheese from scratch once (using my mother-in-law's recipe that my husband raved about).  It was terrible.  He tried to eat it, but never asked for it again.  I even ruined boxed scalloped potatoes last week.

It sounds to me like a major mis-communication. She did bring a dish, the green salad, and boxed mac 'n cheese. Unless there's a history of PAness on SIL's part, I wouldn't attribute negative intentions to her.

Unless there's some history of SIL being PA, I'd chalk this up to a misunderstanding.  If there were little kids there, it's possible she thought that was why she was asked to bring mac and cheese.  1 box for a party that size is not enough, so she might have thought it was an afterthought.  And honestly, some people do not know how to make home made mac and cheese.  (My SIL included.)  Next time, instructions need to be clearer.  "We need you to bring A TRAY of mac and cheese with enough to serve about X number of people.  Do you need a recipe because I have one for the mac and cheese we've had in the past and it's a big hit."


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