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Completely inappropriate. What happened, he lost his "Dunce" cap recently?

I can only imagine how the other kids feel that are having difficulty.

Shamed and humiliated. I know, because wehn I was in Primary School, we did Mental Arithmetic, books with sets of 10 questions each. We marked our own work, and then the teacher told us to stand on our chairs and all those who got 10 out of 10 were asked to sit down, then 9, 8 and so on, and guess who on most occasions was left on her chair. I was not alone, but I felt dreadful, and the sting is there 50 years later.

Teacher is there to teach biology, not humilialte the pupils.

I had a high school math teacher who would call on students randomly. If they couldn't answer the question, he pointed at them, laughed, and told the class, "See, the wombats are circling over her head." When it happened to me, I already felt plenty stupid and embarrassed about not understanding the concepts. I really didn't need the extra humiliation he doled out, and it didn't inspire me to learn.

Please call the principal. I agree with Iris that all you have to do is explain what's happening and use the word "humiliating." I fail to see any sense in this teacher's approach.

This is deeming to students call the principal.
I've had an expert list posted before - but that was for kids who knew how to do certain tasks (how to publish a blog post to the class blog would be an example). The purpose was that students knew who to ask for help, while I was working with other students.

Go to the principal.  I can tell you from firsthand experience that this kind of thing can stay with someone for a lifetime.  Nobody deserves to be publicly embarrassed for not knowing the answer to something, especially not a child/teen. 

I won't go into detail about my experiences, except to say that it involved getting a zero every time we pronounced "Halloween" as "Holloween" (why punish students because you have a pet peeve?), and being forced to stand in the back of the room until caught up on homework assignments...which he knew I would never be able to do.  To this day, I don't attempt anything if the odds of failure are high enough.

I would go to the principal.  If he/she won't do anything, I would find some other way to create a stink.  This isn't right.


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