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Why didn't your husband just tell her he was taking it to work to show off and that he'd bring her another?  It should've been handled by him at the time, rather than left up to you later.  It's his mom - this is an easy conversation to have with one's parent. 

What a question.
Of course it's not okay for her to just take something that belongs to you because she /wants/ it. What kind of attitude is that?

Tell her to give it back. What the heck?

LA lady:

--- Quote from: tasryn on December 13, 2012, 05:18:26 AM ---She said "I saw the photo and liked it, so I took it. After all, you can always do another photo up!"
--- End quote ---
THEFT is always rude.

No.  It's not ok to say, "I liked it so I took it, and it's no big deal because you can just go get another one."  Because the underlying message is, "I wanted something that belonged to you.  I don't respect you enough to ask for it.  And I've decided it's easier for you to make an effort to replace the picture than for me to put myself out in any way.  And you're mean and selfish if you object to this behavior, because my rights as a grandparent must be respected.  Nevermind your rights as parents."

DH should have said something.  Now, I think your choices are to either tell her, "That wasn't OK and next time, you need to ask" or to say, "I need that photo back because I'm planning to use it for a project.  I will print another out for you at another time.  Next time, you need to ask before taking something that belongs to us."

It's difficult for me to understand how this all happened.  Your DH should have taken the photo with him when he left.  I don't understand why he didn't.  It seems so obvious that the solution would be to print out another photograph for the MIL and this was not even an option discussed?

We see on this board people upset that family members do not have photos of their spouses or kids in their house - I think it's great that the MIL wanted a great photo of her grandchild.  I highly doubt her intent was to steal from you - she likely didn't grasp that the frame was part of a set of three.  Unless this is some sort of elaborate frame, she probably assumed printing out another copy of the photo would cost perhaps $.35, a new frame maybe $15 and the time to put the photo in the frame like 2 minutes tops.  It's not a big deal in my mind at all and I doubt it was in hers. 

But the thing that makes me scratch my head is why this became an issue at all.  I don't think this is about the photo and frame for the OP.


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