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--- Quote from: Roe on December 13, 2012, 07:15:05 AM ---Definitely not rude.  Trust your instincts.  You didn't feel safe and you had every right to close the door on his face. He might've been the sweetest guy ever but it's not rude to protect yourself, esp given the fact that he is intruding on your personal territory.

I once refused to open the door for a salesman and he kicked the door and said "open it." Yeah, as if that was going to all of a sudden convince me I was wrong for not opening it up.   ::)

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Wow! That would have warranted a call to the police!

No.   Of course you weren't rude.  I wouldn't let an interaction with a door-to-door salesman/evangelist bug me for a week. 


--- Quote from: onyonryngs on December 13, 2012, 09:50:51 AM ---I wouldn't let an interaction with a door-to-door salesman/evangelist bug me for a week.

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Eh. People can't always control what bugs them.

One time my DD was home alone (aged 14 or so at the time) and I had called ahead to have her meet me in the driveway dressed and ready for the next appointment. 
I pulled in the driveway to see a man talking to her on the front step.
 :o >:( :( ???
She had just locked the house when he came up to her.

Fortunately, my drive timing was correct and I pulled up in time to holler, "hey, did (brother's name) feed the dog yet?"  to let the guy know that the (now empty) house was not empty, and that I was the owner/adult, not a small 15 year old.  I let the man know that I was absolutely not interested in anything he might have, and watched him walk away.  My hinky meter was not going off, but I was not sure about DD's.

DD was a bit flustered, as anyone would be when you step out of your house for an errand, and a stranger is right there!!  But all was ok.

I have a screen door that has it's own lock.  That has helped me more than once.  Sure, it feels a bit rude not completely opening the door to a complete stranger trying to get your money, but it works for me!

OP, you were fine in what you did. 


--- Quote from: Piratelvr1121 on December 13, 2012, 06:42:39 AM ---That's just creepy and no you weren't rude at all. I'd categorize that under "Safety trumps etiquette".

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Seconded. I'd have been creeped out too, what with the banging.


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