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Refusing to give business cards to solicitors

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Oh Joy:
We are one of around twenty small offices renting space in an office building.  It's a 'no soliciting' building, meaning (without getting into legal stuff) city code prohibits ignoring the 'no soliciting' signs at the entrance and coming inside to try to sell things to the various offices.

Despite this, we get plenty of folks walking in to sell us things.  We politely remind them that it's a 'no soliciting' building and wish them a good day, despite it being a pet peeve of mine that they come in anyway.   ;)

Here's where it gets a bit interesting: They often reach to take one of our business cards, or request one if there aren't any readily available.  I assume it's to document that they were there, either to save coming back or to justify their pay.  I usually gently refuse, as I don't want to give something that cost me money to someone who shouldn't be in my office and has no interest in being our client.

Do you consider this (the refusal) to be impolite?

Thank you.

I think you're totally fine. Even a business isn't required to give out their contact info, etc., to someone that they don't want to have it.

And from a "what am I accomplishing" point of view, the last thing you want is to make it easy for them to call you to try to pitch their product over the phone.

The refusal is definitely not impolite! Good for you for refusing.

Not impolite. You are under no obligation to give them a business card.

Definitely not rude!

(I had to read the post to understand the question - in the UK, where I live, a solicitor is an attorney. I wondered what you had against us, and why we shouldn't be allowed business cards...)


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