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Refusing to give business cards to solicitors

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Annoyed in America:
We have the same problem.  I am baffled as to way people ignore the "No soliciting" sign. I tell them I am out of cards.  I have even told people who inquire as to my name that I don't give it out.  Some people think they can be pushy in the guise of conducting their business.  In this climate of cybercrime and scams, honest, straight forward business people do not have a problem with this.  They understand.

Snowy Owl:

--- Quote from: Margo on December 17, 2012, 08:05:12 AM ---Definitely not rude!

(I had to read the post to understand the question - in the UK, where I live, a solicitor is an attorney. I wondered what you had against us, and why we shouldn't be allowed business cards...)

--- End quote ---

I know, that one always makes me pause for a second as a Brit as well.  Now resisting the urge to start telling lawyer jokes  ;) ;)

Add me to the people saying definitely not rude.  Communicating and giving someone your card should a choice not an obligation. 

Just curious, how do you know they have no interest in being your client? 

Oh Joy:
Sorry to confuse our UK friends - I actually look for opportunities to partner with local attorneys.  They're welcome to two cards each if they'd like!   ;D

Good question, Roe.  In short, we're in a pretty tight niche in our field and almost exclusively referral-based.  An 'off the street' match would be extremely rare, but if a solicitor...I mean 'peddler?'...asks about our services we will certainly answer them openly.

Thanks for your responses.


Not rude. From what you described, your office didn't sound like a place that was open to the general public like a retail business. If that's the case, it seems unlikely they would need to card to do anything other than pester you further. It would probably be fine for you to ask them why they even wanted it, if you desired.


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