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Can I Ignore Him?

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I would ignore. Its there any way on LinkedIn you could block his messages?


--- Quote from: onyonryngs on December 14, 2012, 10:51:01 AM ---Ignore, but if you want to take it further, you can flag his profile as inappropriate and send a note to LinkedIn.

--- End quote ---
If you can do this, it would be good action

I would ignore him.  He sounds like he's a newbie who thinks that flattering someone's appearance will help give him an in (I've had that experience with a salesperson or two; I've just blinked back at them or gave an abrupt, "Thank you; how may I help you?" in order to keep them on track and to show I wasn't buying the attempts at flattery).

Is it possible that you mentioing going out for coffee was viewed as a social invitation to him?  I'll be honest, if I am making a business connection, I would expect to be invited to an office, not to coffee.  I am not saying that his responses haven't been offensive and creepy, but I thank he may have misinterpreted your initial comment and thought you were interested socially. 

Just another flirt. I would just ignore him. They are a dime a dozen. Besides, I'm sure he's used to being ignored if he sends messages like that very often.


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