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"China" party - now updated with pictures!

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My oldest will turn 6 next month, and since we've been attempting to learn Mandarin at home, she wants to do a "China" party.  I got a bunch of stuff from Oriental Trading Company that is really for Chinese New Year, the closest thing I could find, in terms of a tablecloth, plates, cups, and goody bags.  I also got Chinese fans and fortune cookies (yes, I know they're not authentic, but my daughter loves them) and chopsticks for the goody bags.

For the cake, I'm thinking to do a dragon cake like this:  It would be a smaller version, just one bundt cake for the body, possible another cut in pieces to make the head and tail.

For the activities, I bought a paper lantern kit from OTC, and I was thinking I'd make a posterboard with a pin-the-tail-on-the-dragon game, with a picture like this:  I'm also thinking to make a feed-the-panda, with a panda posterboard with a hole cut for the mouth, and the kids toss tootsie rolls (little chunks of bamboo?  :) ) through his mouth.  Also thinking to do some sort of chopsticks game.  Maybe transferring gummi worms from one plate to another?

Anyway, I'm hoping that everything will go smoothly!  I'm pretty excited, I think doing China will be much more fun than princesses or dinosaurs.  Or even "doggies," as my 4-year-old wanted for her party in November.

I think that sounds like a lot of fun! That cake is gorgeous! Maybe instead of traditional goody BAGS get some of those Chinese takeout boxes that you can find in craft stores.

I really wanted to do Chinese food takeout containers for goody bags!  Unfortunately, the only ones I could find were too small to be able to fit the longer items like the chopsticks and fan.  I also really wanted to have the lanterns fit into the goody bags when they were done, for the kids to take them home.  So I went with Chinese New Year goody bags because they were bigger.  At least they have Chinese writing on them.  Otherwise, the takeout containers would have been really fun!

Sounds fun and memorable

It sounds like a great party!

Why not ask the kids to wear something red?

If you can find them, Chinese candies are different from the candies most children get and are delicious.  The little haw rolls are like fruit leather and more nutritious than most other candies.  Sesame candies are also good as is candied ginger. 

Another activity idea could be origami.  MIL who is Chinese, kept several generations of family members happily engrossed for an hour one Thanksgiving afternoon. 


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