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What sausage goes with lobster?

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I am planning on doing a gumbo for Christmas, and I thought I would fancy it up in honour of the occasion, but I am unsure what kind of sausage would go. Any thoughts? Please and thank you. 

It sounds like a good idea, but lobster in gumbo is kind of a waste of money. You taste everything but the lobster. I was really sad when I realized this  :P  But, if you want to give it a go, try a mild sausage that is light on sage. Andouille would be way too spicy for lobster and one with a lot od sage would do the same thing. You might try bratwurst.

*ed for spelling and that whole complete sentence thing

Thank you for the benefit of your experience. I will make a more traditional gumbo, and do something else with the lobster.

Andouille is the traditional gumbo sausage, but if you can't get it or feel it would be too spicey I would do a smoked sausage.    But I'd forgo the cost of lobster and do more crab or oysters.

If you already have the lobster, you might try to make some savoury lobster cakes. If you have a good recipe for crab cakes, just sub in the lobster and top with melted butter when they are finished. Even better, I've made lobster rolls with premade crescent roll dough and they were fabulous. Let me know if you want the recipe.


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