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Re: Coworker off probation - and now demanding we never complain again - UPDATE

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--- Quote from: JacklynHyde on December 16, 2012, 08:16:25 PM ---
Fast forward to last week.  Shelly is officially completed her Performance Improvement Plan, but her work is slipping again, with open work sitting in her queue since November.  Per protocol set up by our bosses, I copied them on an email to Shelly asking her to catch up on the work that out of date.  She caught me on private messaging the next afternoon, complaining that she had stayed up all night and that I was getting her back into trouble.  When the four of us met online for planning, Shelly demanded that we no longer talk about her with our bosses and to come to her directly with problems.  This had been unsuccessful in the past, so I'm not sure how well it will work in the future.

My question, if you have stuck with me, is how to handle working with her in that future.
--- End quote ---

Unless there is something I am missing you handle her exactly the way you are. Your bosses told you what they want and she told you what she wants. Your bosses wishes trump hers and therefore you continue following protocal set by the bosses and you tell her that until the bosses tell you otherwise that will be your plan going foward.

As for Kurt, as long as he is only reporting the truth encourage him to report. Honestly, who do you want to lose Kurt or Shelly? By discouraging Kurt from reporting you are sending the message that you value Shelly more than him.

(And don't worry that you are costing Shelly her job. Shelly is costing Shelly her job. The only thing you are doing is making sure the job gets done)

Her PM was way out of line and really should go into her personnel file.  Can IT get a transcript of those chats? 

why are you covering for her or considering covering for her?

your bosses have made it clear how things should be handled - and that is how you should handle them.

she should not be PMing you - and you should not respond to the PMs. your bosses told you how to communicate - follow their protocol. *you* are not getting her in trouble; she is doing that on her own.

remember - your clients should come first. they are the ones who deserve to be served professionally and competently 

Tell her nice try, but no.

You didn't make her stay up all night.  She made herself stay up all night.

"Shelly, just like you, I must follow the protocol our bosses set up." Repeat as needed.


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