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Author Topic: Five things you want your (real or hypothetical) kids to learn before adulthood  (Read 4136 times)

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Over the years, I have sent around the family multiple copies of "The Teenager's Guide to the Real World" by Marshall Brain. It's only available used from Amazon right now but the used price is right.

Good common sense about many issues.

DH read that to the kids a few years ago, as a bedtime story for pre-teens.  We have also given it as a gift for other parents/young teens.
Basically, the premise is, "So, you think you know everything!  Ok, let's talk it out and see."

I also highly recommend it. 
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1) Confidence in the kitchen - beyond knowing just a few recipes.
2) The way around basic mechanics - simple car and appliance repair.  Also, everything about plumbing - knowing how to do my own plumbing has saved me a fortune!
3) How to avoid con artists.
4) Basic survival skills - swimming, how to handle extended power outages, first aid, etc.
5) How to keep a house clean.


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1. Musical instrument (preferably piano, but I'd be happy with any!)
2. Foreign language (I may teach them German when they're little)
3. How to cook a week or two worth of meals before they go to college
4. Cleaning house and all therein
5. How to handle money

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1 - Self confidence (I had none as a child.  I want my daughter to have more than I did).
2 - Common sense
3 - Skepticism - it's okay to question "the way things are".
4 - Fiscal responsibility
5 - Good manners

and 6 - how to listen to mommy, because really... if you touch that darned Christmas tree again, it WILL fall over on you.