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Fiance & I were stunned at his female friend's replies

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The above link pertains to this post. The female friend mentioned in that post is the same one mentioned in this post. Considering her combined behavior in the above link, that is why both of us were stunned at her replies below.

My fiance & I went Christmas shopping last Saturday. He is on a tight budget due to our upcoming wedding. He bought a Christmas gift for me and a male friend of his as well as lunch for the 2 of us since he owed me lunch for my paying for his dinner one time.

He sent the female friend a text that day while we were shopping asking her if it would be OK with her if he and their mutual male friend, who is also mentioned in the above link, exchanged Christmas gifts with her in January.

Her first response was.... why?

So he responded.... to have more time to shop for your gift *she wants a gift card*

Her second response was... I will think about it

He did not respond back.

I am afraid I don't understand at all.

He sent his friend a text asking if he could wait and exchange gifts in January so he could have more time to shop for a gift card?

I don't understand "I will think about it" as a reply to that at all.  Is it possible she sent the message to the wrong person? 

I wouldn't be stunned, just really confused.  I don't see her response of "why" as being rude, either.  I read this as he is changing the time that they were going to exchange gifts.  I'd probably ask why, too.

This friend is trying to have some control over your fiance.  Putting off a reply to his request is her way of telling herself SHE controls this relationship, not him, and certainly not you.

I honestly don't understand why this person is still a part of your lives.  She sounds like a heck of a lot of work, and kind of dreadful.

I think you're reading into things.    I think 'why' is a perfectly normal question to ask.  And I think his response was vague - its not time consuming to buy a gift card.  More time implies needing to search.  I think he should have indicated financial difficulty.

I'm not sure why she replied she'd think about it though. I think that's strange.

I don't understand either. What was stunning about any of this conversation?


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