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Fiance & I were stunned at his female friend's replies

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--- Quote ---for the change or if she can't and would really rather do it as planned.
--- End quote ---

That could be true. Perhaps "as planned" works better for her. But, for some reason (any reason can be substituted here), "as planned" is not doable for the other member(s) of the group. What then? She can "think about it", but that doesn't change the fact that her schedule isn't the only one that matters here. And that's for a gift exchange, dinner or sitting and staring at each other for an hour.

Maybe WillyNilly is right and it's a matter of not being able to put the right emotions into a text. But, on the surface of just the text (without what could be the real emotions behind the words), it does come across as rather presumptuous and almost comical!

i take "i'll think about it" as "i'll let you know hat time is best" / "i'll have to check my schedule"


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