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Is it rude to ask for a recipe?

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Thanks for the link to the previous thread Venus193, interesting discussions here and with 23 pages on the previous thread I think that's going to keep me reading for a while!

Lol. I just got done reading that whole thing!! Haven't moved off the couch for at least 3 hours!! I am ( modestly said) ;D a very good cook and now I have a new title for myself, selective sharer. ( love that). I have one friend that I share recipes with all the time and I know he will follow the recipe and is a great enough cook that he will sometimes improve it. Which he then shares with me and vice versa. I also have a few that will never see another recipe from me. Ever. No you cannot substitue non dairy coffee creamer for whole milk. No you cannot substitute cream cheese for sour cream in my stroganoff recipe. No you cannot sub raw sugar for brown sugar.  :o :o :o lol.


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