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Ideas for a Christmas Morning Brunch

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I just got a call from my brother and...surprise...he and his family are coming to visit us for Christmas!  :) 

Though I am super-excited, I hadn't planned on having company so now I have to do some cooking and grocery shopping that I wasn't expecting to do.  (along with everything else)

So to make it easy on me, I was thinking a Christmas morning brunch would be the way to go.  Any ideas or recipes you guys could give me would be greatly appreciated. 


A red & green frittata or quiche would be fun, easy and could be prepped in advance (tomato & basil, pepperoni & spinach, red & green bell peppers, etc).

Have egg nog on hand - delish in coffee!

Pumpkin or sweet potato pie is, IMO, the perfect Christmas breakfast food.

My family did a brunch last year for our gathering of 10, and we did:

* Waffles
* Quiches
* Assorted fruit (canteloupe, honeydew, and grapes)
* Sausage
* Bacon
* Lots of leftover candy from the other night (peanut butter blossoms, fudge, and scotcheroos)
We had champagne, orange juice, tomato juice, coffee, and tea for everyone. The meal was declared very delicious by everyone.

Xmas breakfast is a new tradition in my family, here is what we did last year

Scrambled eggs
Turkey Bacon
Chicken Apple Sausage
Potato Hash
various juices
Champagne for mixing with those juices

I love Brunches!

Our family has a standard Christmas breakfast
-fried potatoes
-eggs bennedict with spinich or smoked salmon
-mimosas and coffee

However, this is a lot of last minute chaotic cooking (which we all like).

I made an excellent brunch with minimal prep with Crepes (made by my step dad) as I assembled

-smoked salmon
-other smoked salmon
-ricotto cheese
-cream cheese
-fresh herbs

and Sweet
-whipped cream
-apple cobbler
-brown sugar

people assembled their own crepes and they were all delicious.


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