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Is it really a favour or taking advantage?

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OP - as a Broker myself, I would have been furious if someone did that to me.  And I'm pretty easy going.  I think the best thing you could have done in the situation (if you didn't want to leave), was to give a price range and let them figure out where to price it.  If they pushed, you could have said that a range was the best you could offer without doing a full CMA and more research.  If she asked for that, which would have been incredibly nervy, you could have responded that you only do those for potential clients.

I do think you probably could have tried to get a full listing appointment opportunity, "well, I understand you are loyal to Agent A.  However, it's always good to have a second opinion.  I would love to set up a full listing appointment where I can present my marketing strategy and provide a full CMA for you which would include a price analysis."    I don't actually think it would have made a difference though.  She sounds like quite a character.


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