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The Disappearing Gift Kitty

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--- Quote from: Oh Joy on December 20, 2012, 12:40:41 PM ---I suggest she send an e-mail (so she can choose her words and have time to compose her responses), but my first contact would not include specific accounting assumptions, receipt requests, or references to returning money.

It depends on how the transaction was handled, but it could be as simple as 'Several parents have contacted me because they thought teacher's gift was less expensive than the amount of money they thought we collected.  I'd like to answer their questions: How much did we collect and what did we give teacher?' or 'I believe I gave you $150 for teacher's present; what did we end up buying with it?'  Thanks for running the errand and wrapping/presenting the gift may be appropriate as well.

Responses of suitable courtesy and strength would depend on the answers received.

Please keep us posted!

--- End quote ---

I would most certainly ask for a receipt for accounting purposes.

About 75% of my clients are non-profits, and you need a receipt for EVERYTHING, so this request wouldn't be unusual to me, though.

Will,another guft be bought now that the money ismaccounted for? Glad your daughter was vindicated.

Sad to say, I've had this happen more than once.* I now never hand money over to anyone unless I can't avoid it and if I do, I always insist upon a receipt. Amazing how once a receipt is issued, I've never had one more problem.

*I think this repeated problem is why I cannot stand for anyone to call me a liar now. It's a red flag for me.


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