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Mr NiceGuy:
I am also in the anti-tag group, for a few reasons:

1. I don't like logging in and seeing public photos that identify me without me first giving my permission.  (I also share the tactic of changing my settings so that tags do not become active until I give them a thumbs-up)

2. I don't like being tagged in photos that don't actually have me in them.

3. In this particular case, emotions will be raw and they should know ahead of time what they're going to see when they click (especially if they'll be under the impression that it will be a photo of themselves, not of a deceased loved one).

Another option that has not been mentioned yet is to go about creating the entire album but not tagging anyone.  When you go into the album you will see a link at the bottom that says something to the effect of, "To share this album with others just send them this link:  " "'

The wording on this changes a bit everytime facebook runs an update, but it's a nice permanent link to the photos that you could share with loved ones via an email, along with an explanation of what they're about to see so they're prepared.  I think it's very sweet of you to do though, and my girlfriend's mother is doing the same thing right now and receiving many thanks from her extended family!

Have you ever noticed the Facebook picture habits of Mark's family? Do they share photos via Facebook?  If they do and are pretty open with them I think you'd br fine loading them and sending a note that they are there.

If they are like me and dont want my world shared via social networks and try to limit photos on Facebook, I'd contact the wife and let her know you have the photos and would like to share them via Facebook with the family if she is okay with that.


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