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I think too, that I' write them a note and not tag. They'd get a 'You've been tagged in Celany's photo', follow the tag and *boom* there you are. If it's someone lost recently it might be jarring.

Why don't you tag them in the message below the photo? (and other family members who also may be interested in those photos as Grandma's 90th etc)

A relative of mine just passed away a few months ago, so recently with the holidays we've been doing a lot of things that involve memorials to her and such. I always take pictures at these and I always tag her daughter in the message of them so that they show up on her wall.

It makes it so she doesn't have to search for them, and with my settings, it allows other family members who aren't friends of mine to see the photo through her page. So you might want to consider that, it could be a way for the pictures to be available for more family to view (whether negative or positive is open to interpretation).

In my family we tag parents when the under 13 kids pictures are posted, and the adult kids when older generation who aren't on facebook have pictures posted. We choose a spot without a face and tag that with the name of the appropriate person.

I am anti-tag unless I or the actual person is in the photo.  In fact I untag myself immediately when someone tags a picture as me being in it & I'm not. I can't explain why - because I'm not sure I know 100% why - but I find tagging people in photos they are not in rude.

When compared against tagging, a FB message gently advising them the photos are uploaded is the best of those 2 options...  However, honestly, I find this could be a sensitive subject for them.... 1 yr is not that long ago.

For that reason I would be inclined to call or tell them in person. Admittedly I may be hyper-sensitive on this issue, but when it comes to something this personal, I feel it best to err on the side of caution.


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