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serve as a receptionist coordinator for a wedding? UPDATE #88!

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Bravo, RegionMom!  I'm so glad that you are free and clear from this bizarre obligation!


--- Quote from: RegionMom on January 08, 2013, 05:40:55 PM ---OP here-

sorry for the delays!  Neither of us are on facebook and texting is not our style, so with her being sick and then Christmas break, and then my travelling a bit and then getting sick (yeah for doctors and no flu!) it has been a quiet start to the New Year.


I DO have an update, and I am free and clear and OFF the hook!  Basically, it was her idea, based on my hesitations...
and the fact that I am not bilingual, as the helper would need to be for the groom's family.

If not for my not speaking the language of the groom's family, she would still try to convince me to do it.  Seeing the "teams" all listed out really hit home with me.

Oh, and money was never mentioned.

I did receive an invitation to the wedding shower, even though I really do not know this daughter, one of seven children, the youngest being my oldest's age.

Unfortunately I cannot attend, since I paid a deposit months ago for a get-away weekend that coincides with the shower.  Oh well!

So, thanks for helping me to say NO.

And I have never been so thankful that I am not multi-lingual!!!!


feel free to add your story here.  We can continue with tales of reception horror!!

--- End quote ---
Holy good gravy. She didn't think to mention that, the first time she contacted you? It only just occurred to her? Thank heavens it did! Imagine if you'd agreed after all and then turned up and realised you had to do charades along with everything else! I am so glad for your sake that you're off the hook. Now you can just send a lovely card wishing them all the best (I would not bother with a present, given you weren't actually invited to the wedding) and enjoy the stress-free weekend.
(any chance you could ring Mary after the wedding and find out how it went? I'd really love to know if she actually bit the bullet and hired someone, or if she managed to talk somebody else into running around like a headless chook all day.)

A lucky escape.

Are you sure you couldn't learn a second language in time?  >:D

Color me amazed that the fact the grooms family does not speak English was one of those details she neglected to mention in that first phone call, along with not mentioning the number of the place and, ooh, that little detail about payment for all the work involved.
The closer we get to dds wedding, the happier I am she hired a wedding planner to be the problem solver on the wedding day!


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