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Crispy skins in roaster ovens

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Every year my SIL roasts her turkey in a roaster oven. While the meat is oh so tender and moist there is never a nice golden brown crispy skin on it. Which is no big deal because there isn't an "Oooooo, Wowwww" presentation. The turkey gets carved before it's brought to the table.

I'm making stuffed cornish hens and am thinking about using my roaster oven because, well, I've had the darned thing for 6 months and have only used it once! (I know it's silly ::))

Is there a trick to getting a nice crispy golden brown skin on birds done in a roaster oven?

Does it matter if the bird is glazed or not? SIL doesn't glaze her turkey.

I'm afraid my idea involves a blow torch... so that probably isn't helpful  ;)

Transfer to the oven for the last few minutes.  That is the drawback of the roaster oven, I'm afraid.

I would try transferring it to the oven for 15-20 minutes at maybe 400 or so or the broiler for a couple of minutes (keeping a very, very close eye on it so not to burn it).  Run a stick of butter over it to maximize crispy factor prior to placing in oven.


--- Quote from: Rohanna on December 23, 2012, 03:06:15 PM ---I'm afraid my idea involves a blow torch... so that probably isn't helpful  ;)

--- End quote ---

LOL! Love this answer! ;D

Along with sparksals and Dazi . . . So obtaining a crispy skin in a roaster oven isn't possible?

Then why do they show pictures like this:

That looks like a nice golden crispy skin to me. False advertising?

I'll do the cornish hens in the oven . . . tried and true method.

Thanks! ;D


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