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Crispy skins in roaster ovens

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The only pain was to clean the inner pan b/c it is so big, but it made a messy task much easier and far less messy! 

That stock looks awesome! ;D

What temperature setting and how long did you cook it?

You're right, cleaning the pan in a small kitchen sink is a pain. With my old roaster, I used to clean the lining pan outside with a hose (pour some boiling water into it with soap, let it soak and cool a bit until you can get your hands in with a sponge.)

It was a bit by trial and error b/c I know what setting to use on the stove, but it doesn't tell me the temp.   I started at 350 and it took a couple hours to get warm, so I upped it to 425 to get it boiling.  Once it started boiling, I turned it down to 400 and then 375 to keep it simmering and get it to reduce.  I think I did it for about 6 or 7 hours, then turned it off and let it cool all night.  Strained it in the AM, put it in the fridge to let the fat settle at top so it could be skimmed.  I just put it into containers last night to freeze.  I got about 16 cups total separated into 2 cup containers.  It is a nice, rich colour almost like a beef gravy colour, so very concentrated.  When I use it, I most likely will dilute 50/50.  It will go a long way.


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