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In my family, we have a few traditions for gifts - my aunt always buys my grandmother a calendar with bears on it. I always make peanut butter cookies to mail to my grandfather. I always buy a pez dispenser for our stockings, and we buy a Christmas ornament with the year on it for the family tree, and a blue ornament for my ornament tree.

What fun traditional gifts do you do in your family?

Chocolate Covered Cherries.  Apparently my grandpa would buy a box of those for all of his daughters every year for Christmas.  Now it's traditional to exchange boxes of Chocolate Covered Cherries. 

We used to have one that reflected both the sweet and the un-sweet in my mother.

Every year, I'd get a big bottle of ketchup. I use a lot of it. That was sweet, with all the "Ooh, I don't know what this one is!" comments.

In later years, she stopped wrapping anything. I'd get the ketchup in a small brown paper bag. The lack of care in not wrapping anything grated on me, but the bag for the ketchup made the comments even funnier.

Our son always gets me a horrible musical toy of some sort. A biker Santa that I don't remember what he sings, a penguin singing Blue Christmas and flopping his blue snowhat, a bear singing Shake Your Booty turning around to wiggle his bottom. He's been doing this for 20 years now. My favorite is a small moose the sings Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer because it's a family joke. He claims he found one that too much even for him. I was afraid to ask!

There is a store near us that sells single serving sizes of Nutella and teeny packages of shortbread cookies. I buy about a dozen of each to put in my DH's stocking every year. He loves to take them to work to snack on while he's walking (DH is a mailman).

For my dad, we always buy him scotch. He always likes it, and always needs more!


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