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Kids standing and sitting on the table

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Yeah, this is a real parenting problem for SIL. She and your Brother need to keep children off the table. Period. No ifs, ands, or butts. If they really want to allow it at their house, you can present it as a house rule for yours.

My youngest when she was just walking, but not even talking yet, thought it was really funny to dance on the table. We told her to stop, enforced her to stop, and she stopped. This was on empty tables, not one with silverware or food.

We also stop our cats from getting on the table. For that we used a squirt bottle of water.

Not etiquettely approved for humans, though.

Oh Joy:
I'd start with the homeowner - in this case, your mom.  For future events, does she want your nephew allowed or not allowed on the table?

First off, I have to acknowledge Twilight's patience.  I would have been snapping, "Off the table.  NOW!" long before.  Safety, hygiene, just plain inconvenience, all are excellent reasons to teach a kid not to get on the table. 

Obviously, SIL doesn't care.  The question is, how much does Twilight's mother care?  If necessary, will she allow someone else to do the dirty work?

What is this, I don't even?? Ah sweet Etiquette Hell, my favourite place for my daily dose of surrealism.  ;D

OP, you are not overreacting, that is a completely ridiculous situation. It's a dinner table, not a playground or a jungle gym.

I would tell them I am setting the table and we want to have dinner, and no children are allowed to climb on the table. Wait did I really just write that. "No children are allowed to play on the table when it's being set for dinner or during dinner". Does anyone really need to be told that?  :o

Not sure what your family dynamic is like, but in mine I have no problem telling my nephew no.  My sister is sort of the same way as your db, in that she doesn't tell Wade no as much as she should.  She is also the sort that will sit on the couch and tell him no half-heartedly.  At just turned 4, Wade doesn't often listen to that.  If he is at my house, I will put in him time-out or spank him if I need to (please no debate, this is something we believe in in my family, although it is not used very often).  Doesn't bother her at all.  I think she is glad someone else is disciplining him so she is not the bad guy.   :P

Thankfully, Wade is a good little guy who will generally listen to us.  :)

Maybe you should try telling him no, or telling your brother how you feel.  You never know, it might make a difference!


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