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Author Topic: It's not what it looks like. No, really. But thanks for asking...I think.  (Read 47172 times)

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mm you were reported for your child having a broken wrist, when he didn't and she was basing it on the appearance if his wrist?
Did she not touch his arm or look at it in anyway? the arm does look like it might be broken to layman like me but if a child shows no outward signs of pain?  and without looking at the x ray first?  :o

ok my brain just broke.
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That's why it was so insane!  And also why I posted the x-ray picture.  This woman had access to his complete medical records, including that particular x-ray.  I also keep copies of all x-rays, images and official reports for all my children.  Each child has his own thumb drive, and I have all the original CD's stored in a safe place. She asked about the bump, I explained it and pointed her in the direction of his medical records and referred her to his hand and arm ortho (the boys have different specialty orthopedists for different body regions of the body) if she had additional questions.  She decided to call cps instead. 
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