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I will be hosting a dinner party for five people including me in the beginning of February. One guest is vegetarian, one is gluten free and a third has a serious nut allergy, so I want to work around that.

So far, I've come up with the following-

Starter- I'm drawing a blank- soup, maybe? With oatcakes?
Main- Mushroom stroganoff with GF noodles
Side- Green salad with vinagrette
Dessert- My first thought was Russian cream or panna cotta, but that might be a little too rich on top of the stroganoff. Maybe a fruit tart?

soup sounds great - how about tomato soup with polenta squares or polenta dumplings (I believe corn flour is GF).
for your main - are your non-vegetarians happy with having a meatless meal? and are GF noodles good? i've never had them. can you use rice instead or mashed potatoes?

dessert - panna cotta isn't overly rice and it is very pretty and yummy. you can serve it with sliced fruit on the side. i'm not sure what "russian cream" is but i'm sure it's yum


It sounded so delicious when I found it in a book, but that might be too much sour cream for one meal.

Tomato soup sounds like a good choice- I don't want to have a completely white meal!

I think the non-veggies are fine as long as it's substantial food- it will probably be cold out. I haven't tried GF noodles yet, but I didn't want to make separate batches for one person. I was planning to do a test run of the stroganoff this weekend, and I can make a small batch of them then and see if they're edible.

Heh.  Now you've made me want to try and put together a white meal!  Just for a fun thing to do.  I have a white garden bed....

I loooooves tomato soup and think that it would be a very nice compliment to your meal.

Another thought is an asparagus soup (instead of the chicken broth you can substitute with vegetable broth)

I think maybe add a bread with your main dish (you could easily serve both gluten free and regular) just to add to the heartiness of the meal if meat isn't being served.

Desert? Maybe a pound cake (there are may gluten free recipes on line) with fresh-cut fruit and an offering of sorbet?

Mind you, these are just alternate suggestions. I think your original menu sounds divine.


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