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Dinner party ideas

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Butternut squash soup would be my suggestion.  Here is the basic recipe I use:

Here is an asparagus pie recipe I'm going to try sometime: (OK for vegetarians, but not vegans).

For dessert, you could do a flourless chocolate cake (there are tons of recipes online) with mixed berries and freshly whipped cream, that way people could pick and choose which they would like. Just make sure you dust your baking dish with cocoa powder instead of flour to avoid the gluten.

The Russian Cream recipe looked really good, but it had gelatin in it, which might bother your vegetarian guest, depending on how strict he or she is.

Some other options for dessert could be pots de creme, poached pears, chocolate mousse, raspberry fool, or coconut macaroons.

Panna cotta also uses gelatin, so it's not vegetarian.

For recipes that require gelatin: pectin is a good vegan alternative for gelatine.


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