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How and when do books change for you?

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When you read a book at 14, you fall in love with the story. When you read the same book at 22, you fall in love with the characters. When you read that same book at 36, you cry....

The book in question? Shogun

How it changed for me? :

When you are 14, it is a sweeping tale of feudal Japan with a bit of a love story thrown in

When you are 22, itís a beautiful love story set against the back drop of feudal Japan

When you are 36, its the tragic inevitability of an impossible love set against the backdrop of an ancient culture capitulating  in the face of foreign influence

How have books changed for you over the years?

Piers Anthony and Anne Rice got a lot worse when I was no longer a teenager.

Diary of Anne Frank -- when I read it as a teen/pre-teen the Peter/Anne relationship was the main idea of the book, and it was almost romantic. 

Also agree with Anne Rice.  I loved the Mayfair Witches as a teen.  I decided to reread the books a few years ago, and wow -- what crap!


--- Quote from: Hotdish on December 27, 2012, 07:16:58 AM ---Piers Anthony and Anne Rice got a lot worse when I was no longer a teenager.

--- End quote ---

Oh my goodness, yes. Heinlein's young adult novels, too.

Hermann Hesse's work.

When I read them in college, I thought they were wonderful.  I tried again lately and got a nasty surprise.  I had never noticed the xenophobia and racism in them.


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