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Fun appetizer ideas

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One I really like is a baking a square of puff pasty (I tuck them into muffin tins to get a good shape), then adding either a bit of cream cheese and a slice of roasted red pepper, or cream cheese and olive tapenade.

Grilled chicken or beef skewers could work well - tasty, can be prepped in advance, and help soak up the alcohol.

Dates (fresh) stuffed with goat cheese or/and baked brie.

Miniature crab cakes are good.
Shrimp cocktail.


Our yearly wine and cheese party always includes little smokies in apricot sauce, and lately bacon and chocolate chip cookies. They also include upwards of 20 bottles of wine and some homemade beer and 'shine so that might be a little more downhome "fun" than what you are looking for  ;)

Cashews or other kinds of nuts


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