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Where does the responsibility lie?

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I think it's a shared responsibility. I make a lot cookies; most of them contain small amounts of vanilla extract or some other flavoring that is alcohol based, and it would never occur to me to "warn" anyone about that particular ingredient. But if I put a quarter cup of liqueur in some frosting, or made beef stew with a lot of red wine, I would tell people in advance (or use a different recipe if I knew one of the people who'd be consuming to food couldn't have alcohol.)


--- Quote from: Hmmmmm on December 27, 2012, 05:49:37 PM --- I've always understood the alcohol cooks away and does not impact blood levels.  If I knew a guest did not consume alcohol for religious or dietary reasons I wouldn't cook with it.

--- End quote ---

This is a very common misconception! All the alcohol does NOT cook away, in fact up to 75% of it can still be in the dish after it is cooked.

I think its the responsibility of the person eating it.

I'm a vegetarian and ask about everything.

I think that if there is a significant amount of alcohol, or if the alcohol is uncooked, it is on the cook to say something.

If the eater cannot have any alcohol pass his/her lips, period, then it is that person's responsibility.

For example: I made a champagne turkey for Thanksgiving. I used one bottle of champagne over a 13lb turkey and then used the drippings to make gravy. I did tell my guests that there was champagne; chances are it cooked out, but there was a significant enough amount that it warranted a mention.

If I used a quarter-cup of white wine in four cups of sauce, I would probably not think to mention it.

If I made alcohol-filled truffles, I would mention it because the alcohol is most definitely there and is not cooked.

I made a New Orleans bread pudding with whiskey sauce for the company Xmas party this year.  The sauce uses 2/3 cup bourbon (cooked) and 1/3 cup bourbon (uncooked-added after the sauce comes off the stove).  I told the [pregnant] hostess and all other guests about the whiskey in the sauce.  After that it was up to them to decide if they wanted to eat it or not. 

I think your son should have been told that there was alcohol in the food, especially as he is underage and was driving.  I would never serve guests alcohol without letting them know it was there, the same as I wouldn't serve a vegetarian a dish that had "hidden" meat without letting them know it was there.


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