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Author Topic: UK universities?  (Read 1266 times)

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UK universities?
« on: December 27, 2012, 09:12:45 PM »
I am going to the university in my small Oklahoma town.  Even though it is small, it has a wonderful English department (my major).  I really want to go to grad school in the UK, but have no idea where to start.  What are some of the universities with excellent grad programs in English literature?

Thought some of our UK ehellions might be able to help me out with this!  Thanks!

This is a big change because not too long ago, I wanted to go to law school.  That still interests me, but I have fallen in love with English.

ETA:  The University of Edinburgh has caught my eye, but not sure I would be able to get in, due to a low GPA from 10 years ago.  Although, I do have a 4.0 in my major.
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Re: UK universities?
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2012, 01:37:15 AM »

But for graduate studies, it really depends on which specific area of a subject you are interested in. UK graduate programmes are (I believe) generally rather less structured than in the US, and the student focuses more on just their research area.

Also, your GPA is probably completely irrelevant, since it's not something that is calculated in the British educational system.

Getting accepted is probably easier in the UK, as long as you meet the criteria -- admissions departments generally love international students -- they pay more! -- and I think there is actually not as much demand for doing graduate degrees in Arts and Humanities from British graduates, since it doesn't really improve job prospects in those areas.